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NITI Aayog Action Agenda: Responsibility of implementing recommendations rests on Centre, states

By: M Govinda Rao | Published: May 2, 2017 4:44 AM

The much-awaited three-year action agenda by the NITI Aayog has been put in the public domain. NITI, appointed by the Cabinet Resolution on January 7, 2015, was envisaged to act as a “knowledge and innovation hub and provide research inputs by undertaking and accessing globally available research”.

One of the major mandates of the Aayog is “…the formulation of strategic vision and long-term policies and programme framework both for the macroeconomy and for different sectors of the economy”.

Accordingly, the Aayog has embarked on preparing the 15-year vision, a seven-year strategy and a three-year action agenda. While the vision and strategy documents are under preparation, the three-year action agenda document has been put out for public discussion last week…(see more)

India becomes fifth largest passenger vehicle market in the world as sales cross 3 million:

By: FE Online | Updated: May 2, 2017 5:44 PM

The domestic passenger vehicle (PV) sales in India have grown by 9.20%, catapulting the country to become the fifth largest PV market in the world, only after China, US, Japan and Germany. The sales figures surpassed the three million mark in financial year 2017.

Ratings agency ICRA has noted that India’s PV sales recovered during Q4FY17 registering a year-on-year growth of 11.1%, as compared to 1.8% growth in the post-demonetisation period in Q3FY17. At this pace, the PV market in India is expected to become the third largest in the world within the next three-four years.

“Amongst all automotive sub-segments, PV segment has high financing penetration which largely insulated the segment growth due to liquidity crunch during demonetisation, witnessed across other segments like two-wheeler or light commercial vehicle,” Subrata Ray, ICRA ltd Group Head, said…(see more)

Emission standards soon for Railways:


Indian Railways will soon come under emission standards, with the Engine Development Directorate of the Research Designs and Standards Organisation drawing up the draft norms for diesel locos.The report has been made public by the Central Pollution Control Board.
Standards & protocols

The interim report – Exhaust Emission Benchmarks for Diesel Locomotives on Indian Railways – attempts to set standards and protocols for the sector to achieve the targets submitted by India under the Paris climate change agreement .

Under the Nationally Determined Contributions submitted by the country, the Indian Railways will save 3.33 million tonnes of CO2 by 2020 (80 per cent over the period 2011-12 to 2020-21) and has an energy target of saving 4.05 billion kWh by 2020. Further, the share of Railways in total land-based transportation will be increased from 36 per cent to 45 per cent, considering the transport mode’s relatively high-energy efficiency…(see more)


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